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John is singer, songwriter and ordained minister that knows all too well the wreckage that addiction causes on a life and a family. It started at the age of 13 when he was given a guitar for Christmas, he couldn’t put it down. By the age of 18 he was playing in clubs and bars in West Texas, any gig he could get he was there playing. He was “living the dream” of a musician in the 60’s and 70’s “drugs, sex and rock n roll.”

In 1982 the drug addiction had taken its toll, it was a vicious cycle it took more and more to get “that high” he first experience, but then there were more and more periods of emptiness, hopelessness and desperation. Out of that desperation (and a Mother’s prayers) he turned back to his roots as a child…church. It was when he dedicated his life to Christ, that peace and hope filled the emptiness and despair.

When he walked back into church the Pastor said “you have a calling on your life to minister.” Today John has been in long term recovery for 39 years, served as Sr. Pastor for 15 years in Texas and Tennessee and is serving now as a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist in Tennessee. It is his passion for music and compassion for people that he uses to minister to those struggling with addiction.

John and his wife Bridget are both Ordained and Licensed Foursquare Ministers and Certified Peer Recovery Specialists in Tennessee. They have created a Recovery Media Outreach, My Recovery Road eMagazine, My Recovery Road Radio and My Recovery Road Publications http://myrecoveryroad.com which is dedicated to helping those who are struggling with addiction find a recovery road that works for them.





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Albums:  Iron in the Soul 1989 The Wake 2018